Mighty Rivers Regional Worship Center proclaims Jesus Christ as God’s Son, Who is the Savior of us all, and Who is coming again as Lord and Redeemer.  Through faith in the Lord Jesus, we live in the forgiveness and presence of God Himself, and in His Holy Spirit, we walk together.

We gladly welcome all who will come to worship God in this place.


The stated mission of the church is to evangelize the region to Christ and educate our membership in Christian living while setting a standard of faithfulness for the community at large.

What We Believe:

The Holy Bible is the Word of God dictated by God to mankind, and is the only and all-sufficient rule of Christian faith and practice – II Timothy 3:16

The Lord Jesus:
• is the Son of God
• Was born of a virgin
• lived a sinless life for atonement
• died a sinner’s death
• was resurrected
• ascended back to the Father
• is coming again

The local church is a spiritual organism composed of believers who have been baptized and have joined together for the purpose of:
• evangelism
• teaching
• worship
• fellowship

The Kingdom of God is composed of all believers on earth at any given time since the days of John the Baptist. All true believers, whether Protestant, Catholic, or Jewish, are in the Kingdom.

The family of God is composed of all the saved in heaven and on earth.

To be saved, one must believe upon the Lord Jesus Christ as the Lord of his/her life, accepting Him as the One who died for his/her sins.

The first loyalty and allegiance of every Christian is the Lord Jesus Christ.

If a person is really saved, that person has eternal security.

Baptism is an act of immersion in water symbolizing the new birth and identity with the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Lord’s Supper is a memorial supper of unleavened bread and wine to remember the body and shed blood of Christ.

Preaching and teaching the Lord Jesus Christ are God’s two chosen agencies for the salvation of the lost and edification of all believers.

We believe in the priesthood of all believers.