10th and Poplar
On four-lane Highway 51
Cairo, IL  62914

Pastor - Larry Potts
Music Director - Sandy Potts

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Welcome to Mighty Rivers
Worship Center

Mighty Rivers Regional Worship Center proclaims Jesus Christ as God's Son, Who is the Savior of us all, and Who is coming again as Lord and Redeemer.  Through faith in the Lord Jesus, we live in the forgiveness and presence of God Himself, and in His Holy Spirit we walk together.

We gladly welcome all who will come to worship God in this place. 



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In Yellowstone Park there are about 3000 geysers and hot springs. Down deep in the earth there are pockets of water surrounded by hot volcanic rock, and the water gets heated, turns to steam and expands, causing pressure. Ultimately that pressure has to go somewhere, and so it blows through the surface of the ground and causes geysers.

The most famous geyser is called Old Faithful. Guess why. Because of its faithfulness. Every 37-95 minutes, with an average of every 65 minutes, Old Faithful erupts and shoots a column of steam into the air 170 feet. It continues to erupt for about 4 minutes, and during that 4 minute span, it launches some 10-12 thousand gallons of hot water into the atmosphere. Old Faithful is famous because it is faithful.

There is something in the human spirit that is drawn to things that are faithful. Faithfulness is important to us. How would we feel if our car started one of every three times we needed it; if the mail carrier came sporadically; if the fridge stopped one week out of every month; if the television worked except on Wednesdays. We appreciate dependability; we find security in faithfulness.

Talk is cheap. Anyone can say, “I love you.” Some say it easily and just as insincerely, but the real measure of love is faithfulness.  We can say “I love You, Lord,” but how much we love Him our actions will show. Faithfulness is important to God. We are called to be faithful.

We know God loves us because He is faithful to forgive, faithful to hear, and faithful to provide our needs. When we sing, “Great Is Thy Faithfulness,” we are singing of the love of God.

Solomon took his son aside and said, “Son, there are two things I want you to know—two things that will get you through the bumps and bruises of this world—love and faithfulness.”